"I love to come into a room with great players and a listening audience and see what happens when we meet each tune as if it is brand new, with all of its possibilities lying in front of it. It seems as if even the tune itself awaits us anxiously to discover its new persona. Then we, the players, get to search it, seek it, play with it, and light it up like it has never been lit before. Then at the last note, the musicians and I grin at it like new parents and it can be so beautiful."

– Ed

Performance Schedule

  • 2017 Frank Morgan Taos Jazz Festival, Taos, NM, Nov. 17
  • See below for more details


Taos Jazz Bebop Society

Friday, November 17
2017 Frank Morgan Taos Jazz Festival
The Harwood Museum of Art

Vocalist Ed Reed with the Lorca Hart Trio, featuring pianist Josh Nelson, bassist Edwin Livingston, and drummer Lorca Hart.

The Harwood Museum of Art
238 Ledoux St.
Taos, NM 87571 [map]


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