I'm A Shy Guy

I'm a Shy Guy

"I'm a Shy Guy" (2013) is an irresistible collection of ballads, blues and swing tunes recorded by the Nat King Cole Trio in the 1940s. The CD, recorded February 19-20, 2013 at 25th Street Studio in Oakland, CA, features musical director/arranger Randy Porter, piano; Jamie Fox, guitar; Anton Schwartz, tenor saxophone; John Wiitala, bass, and Akira Tana, drums. Produced by Ed and Diane Reed, and co-producer Laurie Antonioli.

"...From the downbeat of...the record's first tune, there's no doubt that Reed has gentle yet firm command of this material. His voice is clear. His timing and intonation could be offered as a master class."
– Frank Alkyer, DownBeat, Oct. 2013
Special thanks to Marjorie Slabach, Dianne Safholm, Dan Dietz, and the 100 other contributers who made this project a reality.

Born To Be Blue

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"Born to Be Blue" (2011) — a stunning collection of 13 tunes that speak to the irony, heartbreak, hope, humor, loneliness, and love in the living process, was recorded October 26-27, 2010, at The Annex Studios in Menlo Park, CA. Features musical director/arranger Randy Porter, piano; Anton Schwartz, tenor saxophone; Robb Fisher, bass, and Akira Tana, drums. Produced by Bud Spangler and Ed Reed.

"...Reed has developed a jazz voice that is distinct—full of the pain, sorrow, love and beauty that go along with taking that long, hard trail through life…When Ed Reed sings…look for an intimate story every time…"
– Frank Alkyer, Downbeat Editors Pick, July 2011
"...possesses all the distilled emotion and narrative coherence of a jazz masterpiece."
– Andrew Gilbert, Mercury News

The Song Is You

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"The Song Is You" (2008) was recorded October 31-November 1, 2007 at Bennett Studios in Englewood, N.J. Features producer/arranger Peck Allmond on trumpet, tenor sax, flutes, cornet, clarinet; Jamie Fox, guitar; Russell George, violin; Gary Fisher, piano; Doug Weiss, bass, and Willard Dyson, drums.

"He uses space like an inner musical instrument."
– Nat Hentoff, Wall Street Journal
Ed Reed Sings Love Stories
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"Imagine encountering a glorious creature (probably a bird) that you feared to be extinct, only to find that it not only existed, it was also in its most splendid form. That's how it struck me when I first heard Ed Reed sing."

– Bud Spangler,
Love Stories producer

"Ed Reed Sings Love Stories" (2007), Ed's critically acclaimed debut album at age 78, was recorded February 2006 at Bay Records in Berkeley, CA. Produced by Bud Spangler, the CD features Peck Allmond, trumpet, tenor saxm flutes, clarinets, trombonium, kalimbas; Gary Fisher, piano; John Wiitala, bass;, and Eddie Marshall, drums and recorder.

"He has released a ravishing album at the age of 78…it's Reed's coming out party and he gives the performance of a lifetime."
– Andrew Gilbert, Mercury News